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We are seasoned E(I)ntrepreneurs with expertise and passion for driving delightful eXperiences and business growth

SavvyX: founded by Yin & Yang E(I)ntrepreneurs

Together, our combined yin and yang capabilities, frontline eXperience, and passion for business growth led to a strong desire to give companies, especially Start-ups, a real chance to succeed by giving them a systematic methodology for predictable growth.

Too many great Start-Ups fail along the way due to what they don’t know, including a lack of eXperience, organization, and structure, along with a limited or ineffective brand eXperience and siloed efforts across the company.

We aim to change that in a way that every Start-Up should be able to afford.

Why choose SavvyX

for strategic, real-world guidance on business growth?

The short answer:

You can save time and resources by leveraging years of practical eXperience. Profit is a by-product of delivering value. SavvyX aims to help you get your Start-Up ready for next-level growth through facilitating increased efficiency, building better relationships, and delivering more compelling, value-driven brand eXperiences.

Brand promise

The inspiration for our work is literally in our name - SavvyX. The word savvy can be an adjective, a noun, or a verb, all connoting a knowingness, an understanding, a perception, a comprehension, a know-how, or shrewdness in practical matters. The X stands for eXperience. And that is what we aim to deliver through our work–a savvy eXperience to help you be smarter in how you grow your Start-Up.

Our Story

After being in the world of business for decades, it became obvious to us that many enterprises got caught up in the transactional part of customer relationships and forgot their customers are real people.

Even more, we saw Start-Ups so focused on building a team and investor-pleasing that they neglected the basics of building the foundational infrastructure needed for Go-To-Market launch, value delivery, and sustainable success. Future-planning for sustainability, bottom-line accountability, and efficient workflows were all afterthoughts.  

SavvyX was born by Lynn Scheurell and Jessica Sundstrom from seeing enterprises either botch or flounder their brand eXperiences when they could be exceptional with the right perspective, structure, and approach in solving problems and packaging solutions for their customers.

A Savvy eXperience today requires strategic thinking, crafting journeys, insightful and relevant content, and leveraging systems. It’s about making customer and user eXperiences simpler. It’s also about perspective, allocating resources effectively, and actualizing practical empathy.

SavvyX personalizes the company transformation eXperience to deliver organizational growth and accelerate results through extreme focus and leveraging systems for predictable outcomes. Our style allows companies to compress their go-to-market timeframe while eXperiencing profound shifts and measurable results.


Delightful, rewarding customer and employee eXperience IS the norm for business brands that are committed to staying innovative, relevant, and personally accountable.


To facilitate companies in being more Savvy in their operations, marketing, sales, and strategy so they can drive more business, dissolve barriers to growth, and be more agile and resource-efficient in designing, creating, and delivering intentional eXperiences.

Core values

About the founders

We saw the opportunity for Start-Ups to do better and have more success. We are the yin to each other’s yang in that we bring out the best in each other. Our business skills and philosophies complement each other in amazing ways. It’s an honor and a privilege for us to share this eXperience with each other - and now with you.

Lynn Scheurell

Lynn Scheurell, an authority in business development since 1998, has taught thousands of private clients how to launch successful ventures. She has been a digital strategist and copywriter for Fortune 100 B2B companies and visionary Start-Ups, naturally gravitating toward industry game-changers. The eXperience a brand delivers is the only sustainable differentiator in business; continuous transformation is the growing edge. She is known being a next-level catalyst through strategic innovation, thought leadership, and actualizing potential for success.

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Jessica Sundstrom

Jessica Sundstrom has worked with Start-Ups since 1998, with a detour to enterprise technology. Based in Sweden, she has a global perspective from working throughout Europe, the US, and Asia. Given her love for technology and, especially, transformational journeys, she has a strong drive for building sustainable companies through viable and predictable GTM (go-to-market) and growth strategies. Jessica believes the key to business success is in developing people and teams to reach their highest potential while working together toward a shared goal.

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Alignment priority #1

"If any part of your business is out of alignment, your business is losing opportunities, customers, and revenues to your competition. It’s the natural law of enterprise. Deliver better eXperiences for more customer value through unified strategy to "own" your market."

~ Lynn Scheurell, Co-founder SavvyX

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