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Our Backstory

Delivering Smarter b2h Experiences – Fast!


After being in the world of business for decades, it became obvious that many enterprises got caught up in the transactional part of customer relationships and forgot their customers are real people. SavvyX was born by Lynn Scheurell and Jessica Sundstrom from seeing enterprises either botch or flounder their brand experiences when they could be exceptional with the right perspective, structure and approach in relating with their customers.

A savvy experience today requires strategy, creating journeys, insightful and relevant content, and leveraging systems. It’s about making customer and user experiences simpler. It’s about perspective, allocating resources effectively and practical empathy.

Organizational transformation comes from respecting what has been until now and empowering all players with conscious awareness, processes and tools to deliver greater value.

SavvyX personalizes the digital transformation experience to deliver organizational growth and accelerate results through extreme focus. Our style allows enterprises to compress their transformation timeframe while experiencing deep shifts and measurable results.

Perspective is everything. Clarity is power. Knowledge naturally creates shift because when people know better, they do better.

Oh – and it’s about keeping it easy… when you do it the savvy way, you leverage what you know to have more of what you want with less effort.

To make it as painless as possible, SavvyX meets you where you are so your organization can be where your customers are (and should be!) in their experience with your brand.

With the Internet of Things, remote work environments, and technology advances, being digital is mandatory. But it’s not enough to simply digitize your workforce and workflows; instead, it’s about making digital work for your brand, customer and user experience to drive performance, pipeline and marketplace presence. Love digital or leave business – it’s just that simple.

There are times when enterprise gets so ‘efficient’ it leaves people out of the equation. We find that unacceptable. Our culture is to support every person in our sphere to be their best. We believe in positivity. We work with organizations we believe in and where we can make a difference through our work. We’re all in when it comes to designing savvy relationships and experiences.

It is important to see what’s coming to prepare and then leverage it. Our customers look to be leaders in their industry; we combine futuring with actionable data to help hone their edge. We believe in discovery, taking time to pause and look around, and cross-pollinating ideas from different industries to innovate new paradigms. Being bold is our DNA (distinct niche advantage).

We believe:

Freedom is the real point of business

No one should have to run the rat race.

In humanizing brands through sincere relationships, compassion and intention.

In compressing the time needed for business so people have more personal time.

Making the most of what you know and continuing to learn.

Every day is important and deserves full-on energy and wise time investments.

We believe in leadership that facilitates people’s greatness rather than managers.

Too many great innovations, products and companies go to waste due to lack of quality positioning, messaging and experience design.

Our Vision

Delightful, rewarding customer and employee experience IS the norm for business brands that are committed to staying innovative, relevant and personally accountable.

Our Mission

To punch holes in comfort zones and, as a result, facilitate brands in being more savvy so they can drive more business, dissolve barriers and be more agile in designing, creating and delivering intentional experiences.

Our Values

We value time for ourselves and our customers.

We value freedom in being able to flex, shift and expand with creativity in every moment.

We value people who want to work and play well together personally and professionally.

We value full experiences with full-on joy, laughter and open transparency.

We value people for who they are outside of their roles and titles.

We value making a bigger difference through positive outcomes every day.   

Get Savvy To Thrive!

That is both the call and the mandate for digital enterprise.

Lynn Scheurell

20+ years of bringing holistic savvy to digital business development, digital transformation, marketplace positioning, strategic perspective (vision and planning), messaging and content generation, platform-building and fresh marketing innovations.

Enterprise Content Strategy & Marketing

Thought Leadership

Storytelling & Behavioral Copywriting

Brand Development

Speaker / Teacher

Digital Transformation

Business Advisor

Strategic Planning

Executive Coach

Employee Engagement

Paradigm Educator

Experience Specialist (BX, DX, CX, EX)

Zohreh Yamin

20+ years’ guiding transition. Strategic planning, organizational dynamics and performance, process transformation, leadership development, innovation.

Operational Efficiency

Stakeholder Engagement

Group / Graphic Facilitation

Team Cohesion

Process / Constraint Identification

Performance Optimization

Opportunity Forecasting

Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

Organizational Dynamics

Change Adoption

Culture Transformation

Content Marketer and Digital Strategist

Lynn is an exceptional writer, content marketer and digital strategist but what makes her really stand out is her high degree of EI (emotional intelligence) and her passion for people. She is an expert in human behavior and enrolling people towards a vision, a digital transformation initiative or any other change management process comes easy and is a natural part of her leadership. Lynn’s “human” touch makes her a strong and modern leader. I highly recommend her to any company looking for change, innovation, or development of any kind.

Jessica Sundstrom

Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

Brilliant Marketing and Tech Writer

Lynn is the most brilliant marketing and tech writer on the planet. She absorbs information so quickly, and she delivers perfect copy. In my experience, no one can develop, conceptualize, communicate, and refine brand messaging better than Lynn. She meets and exceeds all deadlines and works entirely from passion and personal motivation. Lynn also works well in a group, inspiring new ideas, and helping the team reach common, concise goals. Uniquely, Lynn can transition from blogs, to press releases, to documentation and novels and long-form writing. She is an exceptional copywriter as well and can correct and refresh legacy content into a modern voice. Lynn is devoted and loyal, with an uplifting attitude that inspires confidence.

Christopher Justice


Insights and Innovation

Lynn’s insights and innovation uplevelled the inside sales team to the point where we are having meaningful conversations regularly with Fortune 500 companies.

Jim Orrison

Director Enterprise Information Management

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