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Go-To-Market is easier with SavvyX!

What is your biggest challenge as a Start-up?

27.4% Poor go-to-market execution

17.7% Didn't find and retain talented individuals

16.5% Failed to expand abroad

11.5% Didn't or couldn't adapt to shifting customer behaviors

9.6% Lack of capital

7.1% Failed to integrate AI effectively

6.8% A Black Swan - an unforeseen event

3.4% Regulatory barriers

Source: Survey results of more than 1,000 software founders presented at the Nordic Software Summit 2023

This is why we have developed the SavvyX Program

[1] The SavvyX Methodology

SavvyX's Methodology, presented in a Program with Recipes and Templates, provides efficient processes and guidelines for task development or execution. These assets, enriched with years of real-world experience, streamline information retrieval and action-taking, significantly accelerating your startup's efficiency and progress towards business goals.

[2] SavvyX Recipes

SavvyX's Recipes, streamline GTM strategy development. These educational Recipes provide task instructions, tips, and insights, enriched with real-world experience to accelerate your startup's efficiency and guide you toward business goals.

[3] SavvyX Templates

Why start from scratch when you can leverage templates? SavvyX Templates offer clues to accelerate your thinking, data gathering, and results, providing a ready-made solution to compress your startup time. Use these fill-in-the-blank guides for your original findings, workshops, and final outcomes.

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The Book

SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start–Ups Book


Instant access to: SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start Ups (book in PDF) - > 240 pages backed with decades of experience from building growth in and for B2B companies.


The SavvyX Program


Per month. Billed yearly, Excl taxes, Auto renews

  • Unlimited access to all available Recipes & Templates (currently > 75)
  • Unlimited number of users within the buying company.
  • Ongoing updates and additions as they are made.
  • SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start Ups (book in PDF).
  • Files are delivered as PowerPoint, Keynote & Google files.

One-Time Purchase

SavvyX Program


Total cost. Billed once, Excl taxes

  • Instant access to all available Recipes & Templates (currently > 75)
  • SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start Ups (book in PDF)
  • Stay on mailing list for updates and announcements.
  • Files are delivered as PowerPoint, Keynote & Google files.

Key benefits:

Packaged, proven knowledge 

25 years of eXperience synthesized into well-defined and easy to use Recipes and Templates that help Start-Ups bridge the lack of knowledge and eXperience by offering step-by-step self-service in learning how to build and execute a go-to-market (GTM) strategy. 

Save time

Save hours of time on searching, researching, and developing a process and supportive assets - > Recipes and Templates contain explanation and how-to guidance as well as a way to present the material to your teams so they can get results.

Speed the process to accelerate results

Pre-made, ready-to-use Recipes and Templates. 

Collaborative unity

All Recipes and Templates are prepared to be used in creative collaboration sessions where teammates can learn, buy-in, and contribute to achieving the anticipated outcome(s). 

Continued value over time

As a subscriber, you gain the benefit of ongoing improvement and development of existing Recipes and Templates as well as others still in development. 

SavvyX Program

The SavvyX program contains >75 Recipes and Templates. These are do-it-yourself so you can move as quickly as you'd like - and the Templates build out to a formal presentation structure you can share with your teams, leaders, and stakeholders.

Here are all the products are included in your program

Recipe 0 - Know Your Capabilities

Recipe 1 - Know Your Company

Recipe 2 - Know Your Customers

Recipe 3 - Know Your Offering(s)

Recipe 4 - Know Your eXperience

Recipe 5 - Know Your Marketing Strategy

Recipe 6 - Know Your Sales Strategy

Recipe 7 - Know Your Customer Success Strategy

Recipe 8 - Know Your Product Strategy

Recipe 9 - Know Your Growth Strategy

Recipe 10 - Know Your GTM Strategy

Recipe 11 - Know Your Time Management

Don't start from scratch!

Save time and effort with our fill-in-the-blank Templates, allowing you to invest in growing your business through creativity, skill-building, and relationship cultivation.