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Reach business goals faster

Accelerate your results with a system that works

The SavvyX Program tightens sales and marketing alignment through a unified GTM to drive growth-oriented results.

What is your biggest challenge as a Start-up?

27.4% Poor go-to-market execution

17.7% Didn't find and retain talented individuals

16.5% Failed to expand abroad

11.5% Didn't or couldn't adapt to shifting customer behaviors

9.6% Lack of capital

7.1% Failed to integrate AI effectively

6.8% A Black Swan - an unforeseen event

3.4% Regulatory barriers

Source: Survey results of more than 1,000 software founders presented at the Nordic Software Summit 2023

This is why we have developed the SavvyX Program

[1] The SavvyX Methodology

The SavvyX Methodology, delivered in a Program using Recipes and Templates, is comprised of processes and guidelines you can use to develop or execute on certain tasks. 

These assets contain many years of real-world eXperience and best practices that will guide you to reduce time and effort in finding information and taking appropriate action. Completing the Recipes and Templates can significantly accelerate your speed and efficiency, moving your Start-Up toward your business goals more effectively.

Here is what the SavvyX Methodology looks like in building your foundation.

[2] SavvyX Recipes

Recipes are educational and describe what is needed for tasks, providing instructions and tips on how to develop complete each task. Each Recipe contains the why and description of the ingredients, the Recipe itself, an example of a corresponding Template, do's and don'ts, and a thought-provoking quote for inspiration.

[3] SavvyX Templates

Why start from a blank slate when you can (re)use a template? 

Success leave clues; in this case, SavvyX Templates give you the clues to successfully accelerate your thinking, data gathering, and results. 

When you read a business book and bring what you learn back to your Start-Up, you usually have to build the application of that material from scratch. That’s the point of SavvyX Templates–these have been developed to compress your start time.

Templates provide fill-in-the-blank guidance for your original findings, workshops, and final outcomes.

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The Book

SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start–Ups Book


Instant access to: SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start Ups (book in PDF) - > 240 pages backed with decades of experience from building growth in and for B2B companies.


The SavvyX Program


Per month. Billed yearly, Excl taxes, Auto renews

  • Unlimited access to all available Recipes & Templates (currently > 75)
  • Unlimited number of users within the buying company.
  • Ongoing updates and additions as they are made.
  • SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start Ups (book in PDF).
  • Files are delivered as PowerPoint, Keynote & Google files.

One-Time Purchase

SavvyX Program


Total cost. Billed once, Excl taxes

  • Instant access to all available Recipes & Templates (currently > 75)
  • SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start Ups (book in PDF)
  • Stay on mailing list for updates and announcements.
  • Files are delivered as PowerPoint, Keynote & Google files.

Key benefits:

Packaged, proven knowledge 

25 years of eXperience synthesized into well-defined and easy to use Recipes and Templates that help Start-Ups bridge the lack of knowledge and eXperience by offering step-by-step self-service in learning how to build and execute a go-to-market (GTM) strategy. 

Save time

Save hours of time on searching, researching, and developing a process and supportive assets - > Recipes and Templates contain explanation and how-to guidance as well as a way to present the material to your teams so they can get results.

Speed the process to accelerate results

Pre-made, ready-to-use Recipes and Templates. 

Collaborative unity

All Recipes and Templates are prepared to be used in creative collaboration sessions where teammates can learn, buy-in, and contribute to achieving the anticipated outcome(s). 

Continued value over time

As a subscriber, you gain the benefit of ongoing improvement and development of existing Recipes and Templates as well as others still in development. 

SavvyX Program

The SavvyX program contains >75 Recipes and Templates. These are do-it-yourself so you can move as quickly as you'd like - and the Templates build out to a formal presentation structure you can share with your teams, leaders, and stakeholders.

Here are all the products are included in your program.

Recipe 0 - Know Your Capabilities

Recipe 1 - Know Your Company

Recipe 2 - Know Your Customers

Recipe 3 - Know Your Offering(s)

Recipe 4 - Know Your eXperience

Recipe 5 - Know Your Marketing Strategy

Recipe 6 - Know Your Sales Strategy

Recipe 7 - Know Your Customer Success Strategy

Recipe 8 - Know Your Product Strategy

Recipe 9 - Know Your Growth Strategy

Recipe 10 - Know Your GTM Strategy

Recipe 11 - Know Your Time Management

No need to start from scratch anymore

Think of the time you (and your teams) can save by having a replicable system with fill-in-the-blank Templates. Just developing spreadsheets alone can be massive. All that saved time can now be invested in something more important to help grow your business, like creative thinking, skill building, or cultivating relationships.