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“If you stop innovating, being excited, bringing real value, or investing in your eXperiences, your Start-Up game is over.”

~ Jessica Sundstrom, co-founder, SavvyX

Aligning Around Your Metrics and KPIs (A deep dive about Alignment and Growth)
Continuing on the topic of alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success... Previously, I covered the importance of alignment on your company core: (purpose, vision, mission, and culture), followed by unity on your ideal customer prof...
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Aligning Your ICP and Customer Journey (Deep dive - Alignment & Growth)
Outlining your ideal customer profile (ICP) and customer journey is not a marketing exercise- it’s a perfect opportunity to make sure your go-to-marketing (GTM) strategy is aligned. Not having alignment on ICP and customer journeys will most likely r...
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Common Alignment Challenges for Start-Ups (Deep dive - Alignment & Growth)
Alignment is critical for Start-Ups, because it has a tremendous impact on business and, yet, it is challenging and often overlooked or taken for granted. Some of the issues that need to be solved include how to remove barriers for alignment between ...
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The Game of Business is Won Through Planning and Efficiency
I learned to be super-efficient already in my teens. Having to juggle school, work, hang out with friends, and commute to soccer practice six times per week (with a two-hour commute each way) required some extensive planning, logistics, and time mana...
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Next-Level Business Requires (Digital) Transformation
Even as a Start-Up, you must think beyond business-as-usual because business is as customers drive it. That means your Start-Up must transform to more people-centric, innovative, and responsive in your teams, processes, and profit centers. Staying ah...
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Clarifying Your Start-Up’s Value Proposition
A key element in positioning your Start-Up in any industry is having a clear brand promise, or value proposition, that communicates the unique worth your Start-Up offers that customers do not—or cannot—get elsewhere.Unfortunately, too many companies ...
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Ecosystems, eXperience, and Your Start-Up
Understanding the ecosystems of your customers and their brand eXperience with your Start-Up, as well as your own systems, is a key to creating connection for mutually-beneficial business.Defining ecosystemsEcosystems are interdependent individual pa...
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SavvyX Quotes on Start-Up Business
“It’s difficult to pinpoint a single piece of technology that will make a big impact for any company without knowing the market, personas, or sales and marketing strategy. That being said, my mantra for any business is that you should “write the ad b...
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