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The Savvy Experience Blueprint

A Plan To Support Your Digital Transformation Journey

A downloadable PDF that breaks down the five steps of developing and delivering Savvier brand experiences.



Businesses lose connection with their customers

One of the unfortunate side effects of being established in business is that enterprises can become removed from their customers. The focus is on upgrading transactional efficiency but can leave the human connection out of the process.

By being too committed to existing systems, your company (and bottom-line) is boxed into departmental objectives and goals. Customer-centricity becomes just a buzzword. And the only teams focusing on delivering experience are the front line staff in the customer service and support teams.

At the same time, companies are now hearing about digital transformation and working to digitize their operations – which are two different concepts. It is not enough to simply ‘get digital’; the premise behind digital transformation is customer-centricity as the fulcrum of all operations, workflows, and processes.

and forget about their internal customer – the employees

A secondary pattern that results from being established is that the emphasis becomes solely on external customers when, in fact, the internal customer – the employee – is the only way connection happens with the buying customer.

There are consequences that result from being distanced from customers. By not hearing, seeing, knowing your customer(s) and their current needs, your company is not positioned to deliver continuous value enhancement. With either audience (customers or staff), your customers will likely go where they can get that experience.

Our experience has enabled us to distill the transformational process and elements needed for digital transformation to become customer-centric so you can address (or even avoid) these patterns.

Whether your company is established and looking to leverage current relationships or just starting out, this simple blueprint gives you the roadmap for experience transformation that can differentiate your company in your market.

It’s a hot topic that
lacks practical action steps – until now.

The Blueprint Overview

The Savvy Experience Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to transforming your company into one that delivers savvier human-centric experiences. It begins with understanding where you are, moves through where you want to be, and addresses the considerations and systems that need to be in place to support your desired outcomes. From there, it’s about implementation, measuring your progress and iterating to dynamically build relationships with your target audience(s).

What It Means To Be Savvy


  • Discover: Find your starting point and assess the ‘now’ as a baseline for change.
  • Strategize: Strategy reduces friction and optimizes customer-centric experiences.
  • Build: Leverage what you know to meet your customers’ dynamic needs.
  • Measure: Use data to effectively measure progress, successes, and momentum.
  • Iterate: Apply discoveries for continuous, ever-evolving experience improvement.

Download it now to learn how you can get started on your company’s Savvy transformation!

Blueprint Structure

This Blueprint will guide you to transform your company into a Savvy customer-centric company. Organized into five distinct phases, you can see the depth and extent of what needs to be considered at each phase for consistent progression. Each phase (and every activity) feeds into the next for a seamless process.

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