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Customer Experience Is Not Linear

Customer Experience Is Not Linear

Business today operates in the Experience Economy, where in-the-moment customer experience(s) – that are both within and outside the sphere of influence for a given business – shape and determine outcomes. The intangible experience, created as the lifecycle unfolds, is the barometer of success. Everything that touches a brand becomes part of that experience – including a casual conversation in a coffee shop or an online review that the brand may not see until long after the fact rather than carefully crafted statements that have been formally approved to represent the brand.

The challenge is that the collective enterprise mindset is focused in an assembly line model. Marketers, for the most part, have been trained to think in a linear progression for relationships. They do not know how to think beyond the unconscious assumption that successful business should produce the same product for every customer. (And it’s not their fault! This is how the western world operates in ‘efficiently’ producing deliverables.)

Marketers have been taught that the end product should be produced in the same way for the same result (as determined by the business vs. the customer) by people who are invisible as consumers of the brand promise – their employees. And the technology, infrastructure and workflows all operate from the same linear construct of ‘industrial’ business.

When the focus on designing and delivering savvy customer experience(s), it is vital to have agility to ‘jump’ between various stages of the customer’s lifecycle with your brand. It does not work anymore to think from a single point of view; instead, you must think and live as your customer does to meet them where they are for a natural connection. It means understanding all the moving parts of their life so your brand naturally integrates with what they are thinking and where they want to be in life as a result of your solution.

Successful enterprises know their strengths and vulnerabilities intimately. They know what they stand for, who they best serve and how. If your organization is not clear on those basics, it cannot (and will not) have the strength to deliver maximum value with greatest flexibility with least effort to your customer base.

For expert support that gets into the deep work with you in understanding your own organization, check us out – we’ve got your back!

Lynn Scheurell
Lynn Scheurell

Lynn Scheurell has been creating savvy experiences through digital content and copywriting since 1998. Known for translating the complex into clarity as well as her empowering, conversational approach, she imparts mastery in brand transformation, communication and connection.

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