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Digital Brand Presence Assessment

Is Your Experience Easy, Efficient & Delightful?

A Done-For-You Assessment
To Support Your Brand’s Customer-Centricity

Your digital brand needs to be congruent, cohesive and effective in everything from website to social media to using the right technology to deliver a customer-centric experience. This assessment details specific elements of your digital brand so you know what is going well, what needs to be addressed and how to prioritize next action steps.

This digital brand assessment is appropriate for established brands, newly renovated brands and even brands working with a digital agency. Why? Because an objective point of view can surface issues and opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.

digital brand assessment template and guide

The Overview

Designed to be a comprehensive tool to support your optimal customer-centricity, the Digital Brand Presence Assessment covers 10 key areas in detail.

  1. Company Identity
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Web Structure
  4. Copy
  5. Content
  6. Personalization
  7. Engagement
  8. Monetization
  9. Optimization
  10. Technology

Each section is scored to show you exactly where your brand needs further attention and provides recommendations to do so.

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The Details

Why would we do this – for FREE?

Because we want digital enterprise to be as savvy as possible. And, frankly, we would like to help your brand achieve it.

Here’s what happens next – you let us know you want the assessment, our team prepares it and then we have a 30-minute phone call to go through the results with you.

While this is a no-obligation phone call, we will talk about how to enhance your digital brand presence where it makes sense. (We figure that, once we surface potential issues, it’s only right we talk about how to help solve them!)

  • Yes, it really is free and no-obligation.
  • Yes, it really does provide substantive value (about 20 pages).
  • And yes – we want you to see our expertise in taking brands to next-level success.

This assessment helps you jumpstart your customer-centricity.

Why wouldn’t you want one for your brand?

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