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Ghostwriting for Business Leaders

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What You Need to Know to Publish Your Book for Your Business Marketing Campaign

The PDF transcript of this video is available here.

You will learn in this 49-minute video:

  • Why having a book is vital for building your business
  • The steps it takes to publish a book
  • How to organize your thoughts into valuable content
  • The technical details of publishing your book
  • What you can do to author a book without writing a word

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Why Author A Book

Become an author of a book without writing a word. There are many reasons why a business leader should have your own book.

A book…:
• Is a big business card
• Increases credibility as an authority
• Shows your value through knowledge, expertise, experience
• Builds rapport with potential and current clients
• Establishes thought leadership and subject matter expert status in your market
• Forces your own clarity as you create / talk through content
• Helps others by sharing what you know
• Shares real-world stories and case studies
• Become an author, which is nice to say after your name
• Demonstrates your commitment to the topic
• Gives you a product to give or sell at events and on your website
• Can spin off other products – courses, webinars, videos, etc.
• Creates competitive advantage over non-authors in your field
• Delivers an experience of you and your perspective to your readers

The bottom line is that having a book can help build your business by helping you get in front of the right people with your message.

When you decide to author a book, it is a strategic investment in your business.

The #1 most valuable thing you have to offer your client is your perspective. Your book packages your perspective for easy consumption.

Additionally, a book can extend your brand reach so you not only attract more business but you get paid more for what you do because you have demonstrated your knowledge and abilities through your book.

Authoring a book is a process that can be a pivotal game-changer in your career and business. You can use existing content to help draft your manuscript or start fresh. Whatever you choose should reflect who you are, what you believe, and your unique perspective relative to the people you want to work with going forward.

By working with a ghostwriter who is also a certified book coach and an expert in business development and platform-building through holistic marketing (ahem!), you get a quality book while, just as importantly, you reclaim your time and freedom.

Concept shaping means taking your topic, perspective, signature conversation, expertise, or idea and turning it into a creative brief for a manuscript. Sometimes a future author is not clear about what would be book-worthy. Typically this is something you are already doing, talking about or known for in your work but may need help pulling out and clarifying.

Developmental editing takes a partial or unfinished manuscript and reviews it for content flow, gaps, potential expansion or narrative reduction. This is where strategy meets writing meets your message. An editor makes sure your manuscript delivers on your book’s promise to deliver value to the reader. (Note: a few books I was involved in are in the graphic above.)

Ghostwriting means someone (say, me, for example) writes your manuscript for you. You are the published author, even if you did not personally write a word. However, your name is on the cover so it must represent you and your perspective appropriately. The most valuable ghostwriter is one who has a lot of experience, understands the full publishing process, and delivers as promised.

The reality today:

Your time is your most valuable possession.

You need a way out of the grind for attracting new clients.

You know things that people need and want to know.

Packaging your value through a book creates instant authority.

A book is attraction (vs. hunt / chase) marketing for subject matter experts.

Leveraging your expertise and experience is a savvy investment.

Too many great insights never get the visibility they merit in the hustle of business.

If not now... when?

Your Brand

Your brand is the emotional connection between your company and your clients. Your book captures attention by articulating your unique perspective to show how you think, why that is relevant, and the transformation you achieve through your work.

Your Clients

Your clients hire you to get a transformation they cannot reach on their own. Your book spells out what that transformation is about, how it changes the future, and why you are the best person to help them make it happen.

Your Transformation

The transformation you offer is the crux of your business value, impact, and brand promise.

Your book solidifies that transformation through powerful messaging, sequenced storytelling, and perception-shaping.

Investing in authoring a book is an accelerated path to visibility, credibility, and creativity.

You will likely find new expression of your passion through the process and from the book itself (via courses, videos, webinars, holistic marketing of it, etc.). 

As much as you offer transformation to your clients, your book will facilitate your transformation in upshifting to your next best level as well.  

Get Your Book Done At Last!

There are people who need your book. Every passing day means their lives don’t change through what you know.

Let's Talk About Your Book!

Lynn Scheurell

Most ghostwriters do not understand strategic business development, brand and platform-building, marketplace positioning, thought leader messaging, the entire book publishing process, and working at an accelerated pace to deliver your book. You need one who does. (Hey there…!) ;=)

When I was about seventeen, I had my first crisis of meaning. What was I supposed to study? What degree should I get? What was I supposed to DO with my life? I talked to guidance counselors and teachers. I took multiple aptitude tests to discover my natural skills. Despite all my searching, I did not get any answers that felt right. It was frustrating. From my perspective, I was determining the course of the rest of my life and I wanted to do it RIGHT.

One morning while in bed between sleep and waking, I heard a voice. Nobody was there with me – but I distinctly heard a voice. It said, “actualize potential.” What? I sat up to sort it out. The only clarity I had was a feeling around those words – they felt RIGHT. In that moment, I understood my unique purpose was (is)  to actualize potential.

Over the course of my life, that proved to be where I am most comfortable – in being a catalyst for transformation. It started with friends and spread to acquaintances, then to people I would meet standing in lines, and then to colleagues. I found I had a talent for insight when it came to seeing current circumstances and identifying possibilities from it, then how to turn them into reality.

And now, I help turn that clarity into books for my clients through ghostwriting.

I’ve been guiding business leaders in shaping their messaging long enough to claim my expertise at it. At the same time, I’ve been a student and master (and then student again) of storytelling, writing compelling narrative, and the power of words in business. I think of books as compact expressions of perspective available to anybody who wants to read and grow. Without books, we would be lost. Your business without a book has a void. Let’s fill it together.

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