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It’s All About The Micro Moments

It’s All About The Micro Moments

Life happens in the micro moments – the in-between spaces where choices are made and new paths are taken. This is the pivot point place for what happens between brands and their (potential) customers – where the person brushes up against your brand in a conversation at the gym or through a quick search on their phone.

As a brand, your target is to be where your customer is already looking, ready to meet their need or solve their problem when, how and as quickly as they need it. Regardless of whether your brand is b2b or b2c, your (potential) customer is still human and moved by emotional triggers in the moment.

Does this brand add to my life? Can I see myself using it? Is it the best option out there? Will it make me look better, smarter or more efficient? Is the brand credible? Does it ‘get’ me and what I need / want? These are the instantaneous questions that are answered faster than any supercomputer – and your brand must be present and accounted for in those micro moments on every accessible level.

And to do so means being quick about it – the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds (compared to a goldfish, which has 9 seconds, according to Statistic Brain).

Even the largest decisions are made in the small moments. Think back to when you made your last major purchase – you likely researched, talked to friends, read as much information as you could in between living your life and, when the moment came (ready or not), the decision was finally made in the blink of an eye. What happened? Full with information, up against some timeline, you made a decision to move on (or not).

The same is true of your customer. They vote with a swipe. They applaud with a click. They act in the smallest moments based on a myriad of personal factors. As a marketer, you must understand those factors and address them through your marketing.

In other words, get savvy with who you are talking to and what your brand does for them to intentionally design an experience that matters in the small moments for progressive relationships.

And if you want master-level guidance and support to help you know your customers and make the most of your micro moments, we’re waiting to help.

Lynn Scheurell
Lynn Scheurell

Lynn Scheurell has been creating savvy experiences through digital content and copywriting since 1998. Known for translating the complex into clarity as well as her empowering, conversational approach, she imparts mastery in brand transformation, communication and connection.

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