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Next-Level Enterprise Means More Humanity

next-level enterprise means being human

Next-Level Enterprise Means More Humanity

Next-level enterprise is a strategic commitment to being more human in your relationships.

Enterprises are facing massive odds in business today. Informed and empowered customers who can change brand loyalty in just one swipe… newcomer brands that dominate their marketplace landscape because they understand agility, emotional engagement and technology… employee disenfranchisement due to overload, overwhelm and “over it” mentality… and more.

Established organizations are bogged down with technology debt, siloed workforces and processes, trying to manage global operations while competing for brand presence in an increasingly digital economy. Startup organizations know their end goal – frictionless operations that deliver relevant value – but often do not have the experience or know-how to translate that vision into reality. In short, the ‘enterprise’ way of doing things no longer works.

The truth is that there is no more b2b or b2c marketing anymore; what marketers have spent years diligently trying to perfect in terms of tactics and strategies has effectively been upgraded to a whole new way of relating to the lifeblood of their business – through, with and for humans.

Where there is human-to-human connection, there is vulnerability, compassion and accountability. It is a lot harder to disappoint someone when you have to look them in the eye, right? That goes for business as well. You cannot built trust where there are walls and detachment. Next-level enterprise is not only customer-centric but human-first.

Human-first organizations wrap their workflows, processes and solutions around their customer as their priority. If it doesn’t serve or benefit the customer, it is considered non-essential and, therefore, stopped. New projects, initiatives and products must add value in new ways or they don’t happen. It really can be just that easy.

What are the best practices you are seeing in terms of next-level enterprise? Please share below.

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Lynn Scheurell
Lynn Scheurell

Lynn Scheurell has been creating savvy experiences through digital content and copywriting since 1998. Known for translating the complex into clarity as well as her empowering, conversational approach, she imparts mastery in brand transformation, communication and connection.

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