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Know Your Content

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Know Your Content

In the absence of content, there is nothing to offer to your potential / current customers, your stakeholders or your industry. If you have content but it has the wrong message, flow, perspective, context or is of poor quality, it can work against your organization’s credibility.

Know what your content is actually communicating to more effectively drive leads, increase revenue and build relationships with your customers.

This package includes four specific deliverables:

Content / Asset Audit: A content audit is not about the data but, instead, is a qualitative review of your existing assets to evaluate against your brand presence, voice and tone, visual style and more. Taking it one step further, throughout the audit process, it is noted where there is an opportunity to create new content for your customers’ benefit.

Ideation: The process of finding relevant, valuable topics that will resonate with your target audience(s). This includes having a paradigm framework for what your customers believe and what you want them to believe as well as keyword research.

Content Marketing Strategy: All content should move the reader to having more knowledge that is beneficial to engaging with your brand and understanding your solutions. The content marketing strategy typically orients around a ‘hub’ piece of content, such as a white paper or video series.

Content Editorial Calendar: A 12-month editorial calendar structures the development and deployment of content pieces topically, chronologically and cross-channel (for delivery). Both the audience and the delivery channel must be considered, as well as optimal timing, against current events, upcoming events, time of year (like holidays). It also must be flexible to take advantage of emerging opportunities.


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