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Know Your Customers

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Know Your Customers

While customers are the lifeblood of any business, all too often the focus on product, process or infrastructure takes precedent over actually knowing and delighting your customer with memorable experiences. This is essential to design customer experiences delivered through human-to-human connection that are powered by workflows and technology.

When you know your customer, your whole organization can orient toward delivering value through every employee, role and moment of the customer lifecycle.

This package includes three specific deliverables:

Persona Mapping: Each ideal client audience is defined through their perspective and filters for decision-making, including their beliefs, challenges, desires, points of resolution and more. This includes influencer personas as well as key personas.

Customer Journey Mapping:  Understanding the physical and digital touchpoints your customer will encounter, as well as how their behaviors and expectations play a role at each point, is the heart of creating delightful and memorable experiences. Mapping their journey outlines the channels of engagement and maps activities against the known customer lifecycle to clarify the emotional bond with your brand.

Ideal Client Identification: In order to target your marketing with precision, your ideal client must be clearly identified. This includes understanding their influences and influencers, as well as account-based marketing avatars.


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