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Know Your Experience

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Know Your Experience

Your brand experience is your only sustainable competitive advantage because it is literally what sets the tone of your relationships with your customers and the people they know (your greater market). In other words, your experience is everything.

There are two aspects that must be considered: 1) your current customer experience and 2) your current company behaviors.

Potential deliverables include:


Customer Experience


– 3 Pillars of CX: learn how your experience promotes ease, effectiveness and positive emotions – or not.

– Digital Brand Assessment: a complete review that captures the strength of your digital brand as well as needs and priorities for upgrade.

– Observing Customer Behavior: see how your customers use (and talk about) your products and services.

– Analytics Research: consider what you already know about your customer from previously captured data (Google Analytics, CRM, etc.).


Company Behavior


– Organizational / Cultural Readiness Check: take a temperature check on whether your company stakeholders are open, willing and ready to become more customer-centric.

– Touchpoint Mapping: map internal processes and team / individual ownership to the current customer experience. (Note: this is strong preparation for the Know Your Success phase of transformation.)

– Review System Support: determine the infrastructure and workflows that support each step of the current customer experience.

– Performance Analysis: evaluate current workflows, communications channels, productivity and targets, leadership style and overall performance to identify potential issues and untapped resources.


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