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Know Your Success

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Know Your Success

Success, and progress, are only known by establishing a baseline and then monitoring key data points. Maintaining success requires continuously evaluating what you learn and then (re)iterating your customer-centricity on all levels.

For robust success and sustained competitive advantage, it is vital to consider both your external (customer) and internal (employee) experiences using data analysis.

Potential deliverables include:

– Experience Evaluation: taking a second (third, fourth) review of your shared vision, business performance and impact, tactics, outcomes and results against original goals is the key to success hidden in plain sight.

– Practical Tactics Assessment: use a variety of tactics to gain insight, including: mystery shopping, surveys and compiling intelligence from various sources.

– Outcomes Evaluation: determine retention rates for customers and employees, consider degree and type of engagement from customers and employees, see how your brand reach is increasing (or not) as a result of customer advocacy and marketing channels.

– Iteration Mapping: compare your vision and objectives against your goals to see where improvements in the customer experience and company behaviors can be made for better results.

– Communications Plan: all stakeholders need to understand the progress and yet-to-be-achieved goals to keep positive momentum.

– Implementation Refinement: adapt plans, targets and expectations for implementation.


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