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Know Yourself

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Know Yourself

The foundation of any business is knowing who you are, including your vision, goals, personality and how to talk about it to different audiences (employees, Board members, potential and current customers, partners and vendors).

By knowing yourself, your company’s personality can shine through your messaging, tone and voice to build a more connected experience with your sphere.

This package includes four specific deliverables:

– Tone and Voice Guidelines: Identifying and writing your narrative personality for cohesive marketplace presence and clear communication, regardless of who is writing it (which is especially needed for global content contributors and cross-function roles, like sales people writing copy).

– Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values Framework: Be able to articulate why you do what you do, what the outcome looks like, why it matters and the milestones to achieve that outcome.

– Company Message Guide / Map: Clarify the message about the company, solutions and offers by understanding and acknowledging customer pain points, your differentiating message / DNA (distinct niche advantage), customer benefits, solution benefits, features, customer emotional state and more.

– Company / Corporate Presentation: A slide deck that tells your company story in a cohesive way, with supporting details and information (About, Market, Offering, Team, etc.). You can use the entire deck or mix-and-match as needed for different audiences and various purposes.

– Intangible Benefits Identification: Your solution delivers on benefits that have significant emotional appeal; by identifying what they are, your marketing approach becomes profoundly and uniquely resonant with your ideal customer audience.


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