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Transformation Know-How

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Transformation Know-How

(Pre-requisite: The Know Yourself, Know Your Customers and Know Your Experience must be in place before this package can be effective.)

Transformation is deceptively simple in that one word represents significant change, which must 1) be pervasive throughout an organization in order to achieve next-level performance and 2) include, inherently, the necessary innovations that shift the growing edge and presence of your business.

This is a major commitment that is always bolstered by expert support and guidance.

Potential deliverables include:

– Organizational / Cultural Readiness Check: Are you ready for transformation?

– Identifying Internal Champions: Rally your stakeholders 

– Developing Shared Vision: Ensure your stakeholders have buy-in and shared expectations

– Conducting A Gap Analysis: Know where you are vs. where you want to be

– Reviewing / Upgrading Responsibilities: Map team and individual responsibilities and targets to the new experience outcome.

– Identifying / Developing Metrics and KPIs: To measure both progress and success.

– Architecting Experience: Designing the ideal customer experience / flow including strategy and implementation action plan.

– Coaching: Coach employees on engagement (what to look for re: individual contributions, what to work on and how to talk to / relate with customers, become performer vs. contributor, etc.) and leaders / managers on how to facilitate employee contribution and participation.

– Group-Think Graphic Facilitation: Using a leading-edge modality to foster conversation and capture group processing in a tangible, expressive format.

– Develop Executive Thought Leadership (Rainmaker) Platform: Determine the thought leader’s signature conversation, create a viral meme, develop a signature talk and other elements to build the platform for visibility in your market.

The optimal combination of these strategies will be determined by our previous work together as well as your goals, performance targets and desired outcomes.


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