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How It Works

Delivering Smarter b2h Experiences – Fast!

Delivering Savvy-er Experience(s)

Small changes made with a bigger vision in mind create continuous improvement. Our process is interactive and micro-agile to support smooth shifts.

The 5-Step SavvyX Process Makes Digital Transformation Smoother

To be savvy means to have practical knowledge, common sense, and the ability to make good judgments; in other words, to know or understand. There are five steps to knowing yourself, your customers, and your market to develop and deliver savvier experiences.


Find your starting point and assess the ‘now’ as a baseline for change.


Strategy reduces friction and optimizes customer-centric experiences.


Leverage what you know to meet your customers’ dynamic needs.


Use data to effectively measure progress, successes and momentum.


Apply discoveries for continuous, ever-evolving experience improvement.


The Savvy Experience Blueprint:
Step-By-Step Predictable Transformation

No matter your industry or who your ideal clients are, the principles still apply. The entire process is broken down into five key stages with descriptions so you can get a running start on achieving customer-centric transformation at any level of your company – entire company, key departments, project teams, or even individuals.

Learn More About The Blueprint

Blueprint + Scrum

For Fast and Effective Iterations – Sprint!

SavvyX leverages agility by delivering projects through 3-week sprints. This allows extreme focus in a tight timeframe(s) and ensures performance against scope / quality, schedule and budget. Working in sprints lowers the risk of error and frees up resources for new investments and other projects quicker as well.

Create Your Own Savvy Experiences

What you need to know about customer and user experiences, digital transformation and being a leader in your industry.

What is Savvy (Customer) Experience?
  • Disrupt
  • Assess
  • Design
  • Streamline

Any experience is the sum of all your senses in a given moment; in business, this means that your customers and users are having experiences that are the sum of all their touch points, engagements and moments over time with your brand. Ideally, each of these ingredients – touch points, engagements and intentional moments – are designed to be personal, relevant, compelling and, ultimately, cumulative in establishing and maintaining a positive connection and feeling about your brand. This is savvy experience design, development and delivery to humanize your brand relationship with all stakeholders connected with your brand.

To do ‘savvy experience’ well requires disruption of what was (by assessing people, process and products), knowing your customers and users intimately, proactively and deliberately designing the experience to match their needs, wants and expectations and then solving any constraints in delivering it.

Incidentally, the word ‘savvy’ comes from a Latin word that means ‘be wise, be knowing’. This is our inspiration for our work – to help our customers be wise and knowing in disrupting their own established workflows to better serve their customers and users.

Why is it urgent to develop empathetic (Savvy) Customer Experience?
  • Connect
  • Empathize
  • Upgrade

The truth is that there is no more b2b (or b2c) marketing anymore; what marketers have spent years diligently trying to perfect in terms of tactics and strategies has effectively been upgraded to a whole new way of relating to the lifeblood of their business – humans.

If any company rests on the laurels of their previous accomplishments, they are not staying current with the conversations their customers are having – and that is the first step toward death for any business.

Empathetic experience means putting yourself in the place of your customers and users to see what they encounter in their connection with your brand.

For a quick start, pretend you are a ‘mystery shopper’ – call in to your customer service desk with a request or problem to see how it is handled (or ask a friend to do it while you sit next to them). Have a beginner’s mind when you do this in order to take in the most information throughout this exercise. What you discover may surprise you – and make the case for upgrading your customer experience.

Who ‘owns’ Customer Experience?
  • Empower
  • Serve
  • Elevate

The truth of it is that the customer owns the brand experience and the brand must live up to their standard.

Within your company, the traditional ‘owner’ of customer experience has been customer service or customer-facing positions; however, today’s Savvy businesses know that everyone in the company exists to serve the customer – from the sales person to the cleaning crew to the human resources department (or why would they need to be there?).

By empowering your customer to drive your operations, and orienting your internal people around that focal point, you will find that your customer experience naturally elevates to being effective, seamless and delightful.

Why do you need to do things differently?
  • Embrace Change
  • Become Agile
  • Compel Loyalty

Because enterprises are facing massive odds in business today – informed and empowered customers who can change brand loyalty in just one swipe – newcomer brands can dominate their marketplace landscape. Why? Because they understand agility, emotional engagement, and technology. The bottom line is these newcomers will take your business if you don’t initiate change in your organization.

What is Digital Transformation?
  • Upgrade Systems
  • Understand Holistically
  • Innovate Solutions
  • Lead Conversations

Digital transformation is the process of upgrading business systems, workflows, and personnel to orient around the customer and user experience in a holistic way. It requires innovation in evaluating and developing your products, understanding the emerging needs of your customers, the trends that are on the horizon and creating new solutions accordingly. The customer experience itself now requires innovation to meet new conversations and ways to connect (the Internet of Things, wearable devices, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.).

Often, companies confuse digitization with digital transformation; digitization means to simply go paperless while digital transformation is an all-encompassing enterprise-wide process that upgrades all systems, employee engagement and relationships with stakeholders, customers, and partners to be more human, authentic and timely.

To see Wikipedia’s definition, click here.

Why are enterprises failing to deliver simple human experiences?
  • Focus Correctly
  • Solve Problems
  • Build Relationships
  • Breakdown Silos

Enterprises have been indoctrinated to think of customer experience as a linear process, have focused on the wrong goals (like, being efficient vs. effective), forgetting their internal users and stakeholders are customers too and being stuck in the ‘rat race’ of marketing, to name just a few of the reasons that enterprises are failing to deliver a human experience.

The goal became to process the customer rather than solve problems or build relationships. Short-term urgencies overtook what is important for the long-term as focal points in daily workflows, leading to enterprises ‘treading water’ (and going nowhere). Too often, companies operate in a vacuous echo chamber, listening to their own propaganda rather than actually understanding where their customer is focusing today.

Beyond all that, previous technology investments prohibit easy upgrades to meet current demands. Established internal workflows have created silos that do not communicate with each other. And brands think they are dictating the experience when, in fact, the customer is in charge of their brand.

To learn more, please download the Savvy Experience Blueprint.

Where do I start?
  • Become Savvy
  • Deliver Value
  • Accommodate Shifts

Enterprises today must become Savvy to their market, deliver predictable value through individual relationships (both external and internal), and accommodate shifting needs and wants at the speed of dynamic conversations.

We have customized services and strategies (including the following) to support your organization’s digital transformation.

One More Thing

You should know that we say it like it is… being anything less than straight-forward wastes time and is, frankly, disrespectful to both the people and the process. We walk our talk in being bold communicators with compassion. We know that if your company had this figured out already, you wouldn’t need us so there is clearly work to be done. And we are happy (and honored) to help you do it.

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