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Message/Positioning Map


The most essential element of great branding is your message and marketplace positioning. Without this, you don’t have a business – it’s just that simple. Your message is what you will share with your audience that is strategic, relevant and compelling. Your position is how you distinguish yourself in your marketplace.

This 59-slide PPT template – called Message and Position Crafting – is your key to unlocking new insights (and, ultimately, new revenues!) about how your enterprise can show up more powerfully with your audience(s).



This Message and Position Crafting template is both educational and practical because it invites you to enter your own messaging and positioning statements throughout the deck. As a result, you have a tool to use with team members or a final presentation deck to share with leadership.

Here is some of what you will get in this deck:

  • The purpose of a message blueprint and how to use it effectively
  • A definition of value proposition, message and position statement.
  • The biggest reason you want to have smart messaging.
  • A formula to help you talk to any potential customer with greater clarity.
  • How to tell business and conversion stories well.
  • A 4-point process to sequence your reader’s thoughts.
  • What it means to have – and how to create – the right marketing hook.
  • The 9 sales your messaging must make – every time.
  • The 5 keys to break down your customer’s mindset for clear messaging.
  • How to write an emotional bridge strategy to move your customers to buy.
  • The vital company statements you MUST know to support all messaging.
  • Your answers to the W questions – a simple exercise for deep answers.
  • The 12 intangible benefits your solution may provide.
  • How to clearly show the 5 ways your solution is unique.
  • What to look for in market trends and conversations for your own messaging.
  • What to look for in your competitors’ messaging and positioning.
  • The 8 elements that can communicate value quickly.
  • How to write messages for different audiences.
  • A go-to-market strategic message map.
  • How to organize the strategy around a campaign.
  • And more.


Download this template now to learn how to craft your messaging and positioning statements to be seen as a unique solution for your target audience(s) – starting now.

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