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Persona – Digital Mktr


Having well-defined personas helps you build closer relationships with your audience, improve customer experience and engagement and, ultimately, improve your bottom-line results.

This extended persona is for a Digital Marketer to help you understand their needs, wants and motivators.



Extended Persona: Digital Marketer gives you a systematic way to consider this person as a representative of your target audience.

It is vital that you understand what your ideal customer is looking for, what they value and the environmental factors they are experiencing so that you can personalize your communications to be relevant, meaningful and valuable.

This persona gives you information regarding:

  • A job description.
  • Skills and qualifications.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Wants, needs and motivators.
  • Frustrations and pain points.
  • And more.

We have done the research for you so that you can download this persona / template and add to it for your specific business needs.

Once you tailor it for your business, this 10+ slide PowerPoint becomes a polished presentation you can use with your team members, supervisors, leadership and other stakeholders.

NOTE: Once you complete your contact info, look for the large Download button right in the receipt. (We decided to bypass the whole extra redirect page to make your experience with us as smooth and savvy as possible!)

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