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Experience Manifesto


Enterprises are facing massive odds in business today – informed and empowered customers who can change brand loyalty in just one swipe… newcomer brands that dominate their marketplace landscape because they understand agility, emotional engagement and technology…employee disenfranchisement due to overload, overwhelm and “over it” mentality… and more. This manifesto invites you to think differently about the experience(s) your brand offers and what you can do to get more savvy about it.



The X (Experience) Manifesto: Why Enterprises Are Failing To Deliver What Should Be A Simple (Digitally-Powered) Human Experience: a game-changing manifesto that invites fresh thinking and bold action.

With so much information available to every consumer, why should they pay attention to your brand? The short answer: the experience they have with you.

B2B and B2C marketing has been upleveled to B2H (human) relationships. Your brand is no longer controlled by you, which is good news when you know how to design savvy experiences. Download the manifesto now to discover:

  • The number one core – and mistaken – assumption about marketing.
  • If your enterprise is suffering from symptoms that foretell decline.
  • Why ‘customer experience’ is not the right goal.
  • The bigger game that every enterprise should be playing.
  • How to eliminate competition.
  • Why iconic brands have fallen (and how to avoid the same fate).
  • The stealth destroyer of real progress.
  • How urgency is typically misdirected in enterprises.
  • The ‘X’ factor that every enterprise needs to know (or risk becoming obsolete).
  • The only two triggers that affect decision-making – and which you want to use.
  • What insight enterprises are missing around organizational transformation.
  • Why the traditional go-to fix does not work anymore.
  • The new leadership style that can make-or-break teams.
  • The crossroad that every enterprise must confront and resolve.
  • How to make the business case for transformation.
  • The unexpected ways that human psychology is affecting enterprises.
  • What savvy experiences look like in the real world.
  • And more…

This manifesto explores what next-level marketing means in practical terms.

Download it now to learn a new way of thinking and what you can do to create fresh results in your organization – starting now.

NOTE: Once you complete your contact info, look for the large Download button right in the receipt. (We decided to bypass the whole extra redirect page to make your experience with us as smooth and savvy as possible!)

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