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SavvyX Affiliate Program

SavvyX Affiliate Program

SavvyX Affiliate Program
Digital marketing strategy and content for savvy b2h experiences
Influencers ● Affiliates ● Sales Professionals ● Marketing Professionals
Earn 5 – 20% for each initial sale your referral makes

About SavvyX

After being in the world of business for decades, we saw that enterprises were getting so caught up in the transactional part of customer relationships that they were leaving the customer behind or – worse – forgetting their customers are real people. SavvyX came from seeing enterprises either botch their experiences or flounder when they could be exceptional with the right perspective, structure and approach in relating with their customers.

We create, personalize and deliver the keys to business growth and accelerate results through strategic marketing, deep-dive data insights and extreme focus. Our style allows digital enterprises to compress their transformation yet experience deep shifts and measurable results.

Oh – and we believe in keeping it easy… when you do it the savvy way, you leverage what you know to have more of what you want with less effort.

SavvyX Customer Profile

We specialize in working with visionary enterprises, start-ups who have no evident marketing team and / or marketing infrastructure, established companies that need a brand refresh and Venture Capital (VC) firms who fund such companies.

If there is an individual who is a thought leader (or aspiring thought leader) who has a message that resonates and who we believe we can support successfully, we will consider that kind of project as well.

In any case, we want to work with those who match our values and those companies that have an interesting offer / market focus. We specialize in:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare / Wellness
  • Events Industry
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Hotels / Resorts