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SavvyX Services for Digital Transformation

To be savvy means to have practical knowledge, common sense, and the ability to make good judgments; in other words, to know or understand. There are five key steps to knowing yourself, your customers, and your market to develop and deliver savvier experiences. Interestingly, they are ‘front-loaded’ to break the inertia and create momentum. Once transformation has been mobilized, monitoring and refining for improvement becomes part of the corporate culture.


Find your starting point and assess the ‘now’ as a baseline for change.


Strategy reduces friction and optimizes customer-centric experiences.


Leveraging what you know to meet your customers’ dynamic needs.


Using data to effectively measure progress, successes and momentum.


Using discoveries for continuous, ever-evolving experience improvement.


The foundation of any business is knowing who you are, including your vision, goals, personality and how to talk about it to different audiences (employees, Board members, potential and current customers, partners and vendors).

Whether your company is established in business or a start-up, it is vital to understand and be able to articulate your unique purpose, personality, place in the market, and reason for being (or risk relationships and leaving money on the table). Many people think they already know their company; the following potential deliverables can be illuminating in a self-discovery process.

• Company Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values
• Digital Brand Evaluation
• Company Identity
• Company DNA (Distinct Niche Advantage) / Value Proposition
• Brand and Corporate Messaging
• Company Tone & Voice
• Evaluate Corporate Culture & Champions
• External Influence & Competition Analysis
• Practical Tactics & Content Assessment
• Workflow & Outcomes Analysis


Strategy – or the perspective gained by considering all the factors needed to deliver optimal value to your target audience(s) – maximizes your return on energy and effort by bringing people, process, and profit centers into alignment to compress the target achievement cycle.

Action without strategy is just doing. Strategy is the dynamic combined outcome of opportunity identification, marketplace analysis, core competencies, business model and future-thinking.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for every enterprise – there is only the best process for your brand, customers, users, and infrastructure. The good news is that, as you deliver more intentional experiences, the outcome- and reward – will be more customers converting and staying longer (for increased revenue) and more employees staying longer (for increased performance and less recruiting / training expense).


Just as it’s difficult for a surgeon to self-operate, it is challenging to begin the experience transformation process by knowing only what you know now – you need additional perspective. You need to be able to see your operations objectively. You need to be able to question the ‘comfortable’ assumptions you have about your market. You need to assess your current infrastructure, processes, workflows, and roles to determine the gaps as well as the opportunities. That often cannot be done from within.

Good strategy yields tangible outcomes. Great strategy pushes existing comfort zones to upshift the game entirely.

• Strategic Planning
• Action Mapping
• Roles & Responsibilities Review
• Constraints Identification


By systematically building, or refining, current behavior and experience, new priorities surface based on the gap between where you are now vs. where you thought you were and want to go for growth. The implementation step is what actually creates intentional transformation. It can be a very dynamic process as each shift or upgrade will affect the organization in various (possibly exponential) ways. As a result of using strategy, resistance is reduced, resources are allocated properly and implementation can occur with as much simplicity for expected outcomes as possible.

• Customer, Touchpoint and Experience Mapping
• Performance & Productivity Analysis
• Develop a Shared Vision and Communication Plan with Internal Stakeholders
• Gap Analysis Comparison
• Innovation vs. Renovation
• Content / Asset Audit & Development
• Community & Social Media Marketing


Use data to effectively measure progress, successes, momentum, and action needed against Outcomes and Strategic Plan targets. Determine if any refinement is needed in data capture, metrics, data accessibility or insight.

• Key Performance Indicators
• Campaign Results
• Website Traffic
• Social Media Engagement
• Industry Metrics & Benchmarks


Continuous experience improvement will become the dynamic ‘status quo’ that informs your brand development, operations, and relationships with both customers and employees.

• How to Evaluate & Iterate
• Change Governance
• Business Impact of Changes
• Measurements of Success

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