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Services For Start-Ups

Delivering Smarter b2h Experiences – Fast!

Startups are filled with promise and passion; to convert that vision into serving customers and becoming profitable is part of our mission.

Lack of marketing foundation

Too often, great ideas, innovations and companies do not make it due to lack of a solid marketing foundation. Given the dynamic startup environment, it can be a bit like focusing on a moving target – not every marketing firm knows how to keep up and even lead the fast-paced change that startups embody.

Every startup needs a basic launchpad for marketplace visibility.

How do we support?

We get you started with the basics

The most precious asset any startup has is time; our accelerated process and mastery-level expertise of marketing best practices helps startups to compress their time to market. That is a bold statement and we stand behind it.

We can help you get started with the basics and a strong foundation you can grow from in the fastest way possible. Even more, we facilitate your team’s growth and knowledge through an inclusive transformational process.

You have a great product, innovation or solution. You have your sales team, product people but likely have not yet invested in a marketing function OR you have but you need to scale. That’s where we come in to help.


Your foundation is established in 4 sprints (which is usually 12 weeks)

Sprint 1 – Know Your Foundation

Every great project is built on a strong foundation. As a digital enterprise, here are three essential elements you need:

  • Tone and Voice Guide – to define the startup personality through narrative
  • Message and Positioning Framework – to differentiate your solution
  • Intangible Benefits – identifying what really drives customer conversion

Sprint 2 – Know Your Customers

Just as in a real-world relationship, it is difficult to have a conversation with a stranger. You need to know your audience intimately as well as what they are interested in learning more about to help them solve their problem or meet their need.

  • Persona Identification – understand your ideal customer’s motivations and triggers
  • Customer Journeys – map out your intended customer experience
  • Content Assessment – know what you have and what you need

Sprint 3 – Create Your First Impression

The first impression of your brand determines the relationship you have with the person who is experiencing it. Your visuals must match your narrative. You must have a corporate deck that describes your company and your solution in a vivid, vibrant and relevant way. And you need to be prepared to deliver a quick introduction to your company (regardless of who you are talking to – preparation is everything!).

  • Company Identity Package – your visuals (logo, color palette, letterhead, business cards, etc.)
  • Company Presentation – a PPT ‘library’ to use in presenting your company to various audiences
  • Sales Guide / Elevator Pitch – know how to weave your key messages targeted to your customer personas

Sprint 4 – Create Your Website

In a digital economy, your website and social media presence is critical. Whether you have an existing website and / or social media presence, it is important that it match what you have learned through the previous sprints.

  • Website Audit / Wireframe – see what you have to determine what is needed
  • Website Content / Creatives – develop the narrative and visuals that build credibility and compels action
  • Social Channel Audit – match your personas to the social media channels and determine key messaging strategy

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