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We are happy to know that you believe in what we do enough to share it with the people in your world! :+)

You’ll have the choice of promoting a particular product, program or service OR our work in general.

You can log in to the Affiliate Center here: (Note: you can always find that link at the bottom of the SavvyX website.)

Below are some basic tools (email copy, logos, etc.) and will happily customize more as you need them. Our intention is that you have the tools you need to create our shared success.

That being said, most services referrals will likely be word of mouth, conducted by a ‘cyber intro’ between your person and SavvyX. In that case, we will track that commission manually.

To reach us, feel free to email anytime.

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to working with you to change digital enterprise through strategy, content and positive energy! :+)



This quick resource page gives you the tools you need to promote SavvyX to your connections, online networks and communities.


As a reminder, SavvyX delivers digital enterprise marketing and behavioral content to:


  • Support enterprises in ‘humanizing’ their b2h customer experiences. (Note: customers are also users, which are typically forgotten in a transformational process.)
  • Help start-ups to accelerate their growth and attract new customers quickly.
  • Help established enterprises revitalize their brand presence.
  • Help VC firms launch their start-ups faster and more efficiently.
  • Give do-it-yourself customers great templates they can use on their own through our shop.

For each new SavvyX customer you generate, you will receive a commission. Commissions vary from 5 – 20%, depending on the sale. In any case, that adds up over time!


Get Started: Your Promo Tools


To make it easy for you to start promoting SavvyX, there is a library of affiliate promotional tools you can use. Simply insert your unique affiliate registration link wherever you see “<~insert link>.” Feel free to modify any of the copy below to make it sound authentically your own.

Reminder: Your registration link was sent to you via e-mail. If you need help retrieving it, please contact use at




Use any of these logos on your website or social media pages. To download a file to your computer, right-click the images, and select “Save image as…” Then, upload the file wherever you want to post it.

If you use an image, remember to add your affiliate link to the image. If you need assistance with adding your affiliate link to your chosen application, please don’t hesitate to contact




Sample E-Mail Copy 1 (remember this is a template – be sure to use your own words!)


SUBJECT LINE: You need to check this out!

Hi [ First Name ],


Digital enterprise is today’s economy. Great marketing drives digital enterprise. But it seems that too many digital enterprises leave the customer out of the equation.

There is a boutique firm that’s offering an innovative approach to help digital enterprises and start-ups to accelerate their marketing infrastructure and create bold, unique messaging through content. Consider this your introduction to SavvyX.

On the website <~insert link>, you will see they offer ‘DIY’ (do it yourself) templates as well as personalized marketing services. They offer a fresh approach that uses data-driven storytelling combined with masterful best marketing practices tailored to each of their customers.

I’m happy to make this connection and trust that you will find value in understanding how to uplevel your brand and digital experience.

<~insert link>


Thank you,
[ Your Name ]


Sample E-Mail Copy 2


SUBJECT LINE: A Bold, Fresh Approach To Digital Marketing

Hi [ Name ],


Digital marketing is what separates companies from their competitors. I’m happy to introduce you to a boutique firm that is innovating brand and customer experiences for digital enterprise – SavvyX <~insert link>.

I think you’ll find that their approach is powerful and the tools helpful. They give quite a bit of information and even free templates so you can get to know them in a practical way.

Clarifying your marketing message, marketplace positioning and marketing systems to be more savvy is a game-changer. I trust that you’ll find this firm will offer what you need for your business.

Check out their website <~insert link> – and then let me know what you think!


Thank you,

[ Your Name ]


Sample Twitter Copy


Attn start-ups: accelerate growth and attract new customers faster through savvy marketing! Learn more <~insert link>

SavvyX offers DIY digital marketing templates – and some are even free! <~insert link>

Want more from your marketing? Check out SavvyX now: <~insert link>


Sample Facebook Copy


Uplevel your brand presence and customer experience with savvy marketing – it’s the investment that pays you back. Whether you need expert consultation or DIY templates, SavvyX is helping digital enterprises and start-ups to accelerate their growth and attract new customers. I recommend you check out their fresh approach to digital marketing now! <~insert link>


Other Ideas for Promotion


  • Turn one of the sample e-mails above into a blog post for your website.
  • Write an article about SavvyX for your local newspaper.
  • Spread the word on LinkedIn, using the sample Facebook post above.
  • Share the benefits of working with SavvyX at an upcoming networking event.
  • Have another idea you’d like to get feedback on? Contact – we’re happy to help!


About SavvyX


After being in the world of business for decades, the founders of SavvyX saw that enterprises were getting so caught up in the transactional part of customer relationships that they were leaving the customer behind or – worse – forgetting their customers are real people. SavvyX came from seeing enterprises either botch their experiences or flounder when they could be exceptional with the right perspective, structure and approach in relating with their customers.

By working together for nearly two years on one project, the co-founders discovered they have an amazing range of complementary skills, experiences and mindsets – not to mention personalities. One eats numbers for breakfast, is analytical and loves strategy development, the big picture and customer journeys; the other is a wordsmith, focusing on content development, a philosophical approach and the human experience – and both remove the complexity from marketing and organizational transformation, say what needs to be said with conscious awareness and believe in the power of sharing knowledge and expertise.

Now, we create, personalize and deliver the keys to organizational growth and accelerate results through extreme focus. Our style allows enterprises to compress their transformation yet experience deep shifts and measurable results.

Oh – and we believe in keeping it easy… when you do it the savvy way, you leverage what you know to have more of what you want with less effort.


Our Philosophy


Embracing Digital

Digital is now THE economy. With the Internet of Things, being digital is mandatory. But it’s not enough to simply digitize your workforce and workflows; instead, it’s about making digital work for your brand, customer and user experience to drive performance, pipeline and marketplace presence. Love digital or leave business – it’s just that simple.


Culture of Respect and Empathy

There are times when enterprise gets so ‘efficient’ that it leaves people out of the equation. We find that unacceptable. Our culture is to support every person in our sphere to be their best. We believe in positivity. We choose to work with organizations we believe – and can make a difference – in through our work. We’re all in when it comes to designing savvy relationships and experiences.



It is important to see what’s coming to both prepare and then take advantage of it. Our customers look to be leaders in their industry; we combine futuring with actionable data to help hone their edge. We believe in education, taking time to pause and look around, and cross-pollinating ideas from different industries to innovate new paradigms. Being bold is our DNA (distinct niche advantage).

Go here to see more about our values, which undergirds our decision-making process in working with new customers.

If you need anything to make an introduction or refer a potential customer, please let us know –