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Three Opportunities for B2B Marketers

Three Opportunities for B2B Marketers

While there are exponential opportunities for marketers to leverage in today’s digital economy, here are three critical success factors that are creating windows for potential wins enterprises can take advantage of now with the right strategies and systems.

1. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects the world through technology. Your smartwatch can program your home thermostat, your car can start without you, your home security service can answer when someone comes to your front door. Similarly, business technologies—cloud technologies, machine learning, real-time marketing campaigns, customer touch points—connect data that can be analyzed and used to better serve customers today as well as forecast and prepare for the future.

2. Competitive Brand Value

The way to provide unique competitive value to your customers is to deeply understand your ideal customer’s wants and needs, develop a solution that has nuanced elements, and market it quickly, effectively and with relevance to the right customers. It’s not about what any other company is doing—only about the value you see your customers want and need. Differentiation is in the details.

When your company demonstrates on-going innovation based on caring for your audience(s), then follows through with efficiency, quality, and expertise, your company’s value will be obvious.

3. Personalized B2B Marketing

Every transaction that happens in business is based on human relationships, which can be strategically cultivated through content in context for personalized marketing. Personalized marketing at scale means providing practical, relevant, targeted information that meets the questions and needs of your ideal persona(s). The more engaged your future customer becomes through your edu-marketing, or educational marketing, the more trust grows and the more likely there is to be interest in your company’s solutions.

The magic key to unlocking this journey is to personalize what your buyer experiences based on their interests, preferences, and behaviors to pull them through and further into your business ecosystem. This information is discoverable through harvesting their data within your ecosystem.

Great content isn’t enough; instead, customers want the great content in the right context. This is not about mass ‘fishing’ to touch as many people as possible; instead, this is about tailoring information to individuals or groups of people who fit your ideal persona profile. While brand image attracts attention, it’s about focusing on a substantive, quality customer (and user) experience to nurture the relationship.

Note: targeting a persona to provide content in context does not mean presenting an entirely different company to each customer; instead, it’s about highlighting relevant solutions and offers that match individual interests.

Given that business is now conducted on the go during the ‘in-between’ moments of a buyer’s day, the window of connection with that future customer can be fleeting. It’s important that companies meet buyers where they are in the moment, in their buying journey, in their connection with the brand overall. This means using real-time integrated data to provide meaningful information that matches the buyer’s needs and interests at that time because, typically, the company that provides the most current information and solutions wins the business.

Map the customer journey with your brand—what information draws future customers in, where they see it in their world, what platform they use to find it and how they complete the exchange—to plan your user digital experience. More knowledgeable consumers mean companies have to work harder than ever to find and keep their customers… and nothing works better than tailoring real-time, relevant, and authentic conversations to make that happen. Know where and when the journey should lead and make sure your digital properties are optimized for mobile to minimize lost conversions.

If you would like a personal review of your marketing strengths and opportunities, please let us know – we’d love to have a chat! (Consider it an introductory gift… our mission is to uplevel marketing with wisdom, vision, and humanity, which all starts with a conversation!)

Lynn Scheurell
Lynn Scheurell

Lynn Scheurell has been creating savvy experiences through digital content and copywriting since 1998. Known for translating the complex into clarity as well as her empowering, conversational approach, she imparts mastery in brand transformation, communication and connection.

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