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We Help VC’s Grow Start-ups Quicker

SavvyX help Start-Up companies who want to move fast and are committed to build their brand and audience for their products, services and solutions.

One of the most wondrous things about Start-ups is that they are filled with passion and promise. At the same time, they may not know how to direct their energy and resources to build their company effectively. That’s where we come in…

Your marketing launchpad is set in just 12 weeks.

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It’s About Growing People

We help define Start-up marketing plans in a way that supports compelling, authentic and relatable stories. Our goal is to bring powerful digital marketing strategy and content to the companies you have invested in so they come to life quickly, easily and resource-effectively. By compressing the launch (or refresh) through a strong marketing foundation, Start-ups can accelerate growth and realize new revenue potentials and opportunities quickly.

Like all great visionaries (like Venture Capital firms, ahem…), we invest in people vs. plans, structure or current state of being. We recognize ‘good bones’ when we see them.

With just four sprints (of 3 weeks each), we help your Start-ups get a solid marketing foundation in place through an accelerated agile process and mastery-level expertise of marketing best practices. As a result, the Start-up will have a fast, firm handle on how to stand out in today’s saturated business market.

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Sprint 1 – Build Your Savvy Foundation

We help define the Start-up personality through development of a narrative Message and Positioning Framework that identifies the company’s unique value proposition and differentiators. Our signature system includes a deep dive that explores the nuances of the 12 intangible benefits of the company’s solution, which are the keys to compelling customer conversions into being buyers.

Sprint 2 – Identify Your Savvy Audience

We help your Start-up understand their ideal customer’s motivations and triggers, map out their intentional customer experience and assess what content they have in place already as well as what content they need to support the customer buying journey. (And we will help write it, if that’s needed.)

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Sprint 3 – Create Savvy First Impressions

The first impression of a company’s brand determines the relationship they have with the person who is experiencing it. Company visuals must match their narrative. Company narrative must offer value and personality. We help Start-ups develop their company brand identity, tell their story through a polished corporate presentation and develop an initial sales guide.

Sprint 4 – Establish Your Savvy Digital Presence

In a digital economy, a company’s website and social media presence is critical. Whether or not there is an existing website and / or social media presence, it is important that both match what was learned through the previous sprints. We help put in place – or upgrade – the website / social media presence by doing an assessment of what’s already in place, then wireframing and updating the content (for substance), copy (for sales) and creative  development (visuals, including infographics).

One More Thing

You should know that we say it like it is… being anything less than straight-forward wastes time and is, frankly, disrespectful to both the people and the process. We walk our talk in being bold communicators with compassion. We know that if the Start-up had this figured out already, you wouldn’t need us so there is clearly work to be done. And we are happy (and honored) to help you do it.

For  a bit more on our approach to working with Start-ups, read on…

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