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SavvyX: The Smarter Growth Recipe for Start-Ups

Align your teams so everyone is using the same GTM and pulling toward the same vision.

Grow from Start-up to Grown-up

Start-Ups need to be systematically Savvy to grow in the most capital-efficient way.


Start-Up founders must juggle between raising capital, hiring the right team, finding the right product fit, and trying to generate revenue. With all this, sometimes it can seem like shortcuts are needed. However, skipping or delaying key fundamentals can be an expensive way to learn what you don’t know.


SavvyX helps new companies lay the foundation for growth by adding Savviness throughout Start-Up strategies, structures, processes, and pillars of culture for systematic and predictable growth.

The bird's-eye view of growth

Successful growth leaves clues through even the most rigorous terrain. This book shares a condensed version of what Start-Ups need to know to optimize their path to predictable results.

Get in the know: the essential growth Recipe book for Start-Ups

The goal with this book is to help you see what you'll need to cover in your business growth journey. One of the biggest problems to plague Start-Up's is going too fast, too hard, and being reckless with resources because they don't know what they don't know. Ultimately, you need a unified go-to-market (GTM) strategy to align your teams so everyone is pulling toward the same vision.

FYI - this book is a giant high-level tutorial that is backed by companion Recipes and Templates (available separately). But we wanted you to have the information you need through this book in case you want to go it on your own.

Learning from Bloopers

Success leaves clues - and so do unexpected outcomes. Good intentions and hard work don't always pay off where there is no strategy or thought about the larger context of decisions. You don't need to repeat mistakes when you can learn from someone else's eXperience. There are blooper stories throughout the book (and you get more when you subscribe to our weekly emails).

(And if you have a good blooper story to share, we'd love to hear it!)

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”  

~ James Cash Penney, founder of JCPenney stores

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