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With the right foundation

you have alignment, collaboration, communication, teams, budgets, tactics

all unified towards delivering on targets.

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Accelerate going from Start-Up to Grown-Up

For many reasons, Start-Ups can lack a strong foundation... they might be missing clear processes, team organization, leadership, focus, and/or accountability. They can burn through their resources without knowing what’s working and what’s not. And, while it's necessary to supplement what founders don't know, that can get expensive - and even more expensive to NOT have it.

Gain alignment to deliver on your brand promise

Start-Ups are under incredible pressure to perform and deliver bottom-line results even while lacking some of the most essential elements needed in business. Sometimes team members will "fill in the blanks" from their point of view, creating multiple, disparate go-to-market strategies. That's exactly what the SavvyX founders want to address - and in a way that makes the expertise accessible to any Start-Up.

A lot of elements go into defining a unified go-to-market strategy - one that can compress your time to value. Now you can use proven DIY (do it yourself) Recipes and Templates to accelerate your outcomes in a systematic way to harness the power of company-wide alignment.

Defining GTM strategy

A go-to-market strategy is a plan of action that outlines how your Start-Up will bring your products or services to market. It should help you streamline achieving your business goals with flexibility in adapting to changes in the market, customer preferences, and other external factors. A GTM strategy typically includes the following elements.

  • Market opportunity
  • Target audience, needs, and preferences
  • Competitor analysis
  • Positioning and Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Channels for product/service promotion and distribution 
  • Pricing structure/revenue model
  • Sales, marketing, product, and customer success eXperience strategies
  • Team organization and setup
  • Metrics and analysis

A GTM strategy navigates launch, including tactics, team, and budget to compress time to value. 

Align Sales | Marketing | Customer Success | Product GTM

Benefits of a unified GTM strategy

Without great communication and collaboration between your key functional teams, you can easily end up with four different go-to-market strategies. 

This will confuse your target audience and make it more difficult to reach your ideal customers. To unify the functions and maximize your traction in the market, there should be ONE unified GTM strategy which embeds strategies from the other functions. 

This unified GTM strategy should be presented and available to your whole organization and act as the glue between different functions, leadership, and stakeholders. 

Future-proof to stay ahead of your market

By virtue of being a Start-Up, you are ready to adapt to marketplace changes. Right? Wrong.

The truth of it is that your market WILL change and it COULD happen when you’re not looking because you’re focused on stabilizing and growing what you already have in the works. Think of it like driving your car for long periods of time on the open road - as a driver, you can experience something called “tunnel vision” where you only see what is immediately in front of you. That can happen in business too.

By future-proofing your Start-Up, you ensure your brand and solutions remain relevant to your audiences, competitive in your market, and sustainable over time.

Build your foundation faster

Accelerate getting your unified GTM strategy together with access to ready-made do-it-yourself > 7​​5 Recipes and Templates.