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Whether you're a Start-Up aiming to launch successfully or a Scale-Up looking to refine your GTM approach, discover the insights and expert guidance you need to navigate the path to systematic growth.

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Evaluate your GTM readiness

This assessment covers all the elements within the SavvyX Program so you can get at-a-glance clarity on areas where your company needs attention to position for a solid GTM launch.

SavvyX Methodology

The SavvyX Program is progressive with each module building on the previous one; this deceptively simple graphic shows you the entire system for quick reference about all the problem elements.

Assess your capabilities

As a sneak peek into the power of the SavvyX Templates to help you gain insight, here is the first fill-in-the-blank Template where you can learn your company's capabilities for growth.

Bloopers & Learnings

One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes is to learn from others who have gone before you. Learn from both Bloopers and Learnings in the SavvyX book and blog posts as well as in our weekly newsletter.

*Bloopers might be real or fictional

Grow through retention
There once was a Start-Up with a great platform for growth. Their foundation was in place, the sales and marketing machine was working, and customers seemed happy. Their business model was unique for a Start-Up in that they managed to sign clients to...
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Funding disaster
A European company received a second round of investor funding, so they tripled the size of their staff. A board member decided they wanted a more active role with a company that was clearly becoming successful, so the current CMO was released to cre...
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Death by Powerpoint
You have eXperienced this one-death by Powerpoint. In the rare and unusual case that you have not yet been introduced to Powerpoint, it is a presentation software from Microsoft that offers the opportunity to create visual slides. (And if you really ...
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Employee eXperience matters
A three-year old staffing company decided to open their first remote branch with their goal being nationwide presence over time. They paid for an office in an executive suite in a sister city along with printed business cards. They hired an employee ...
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We are done with branding
This company was a larger Start-Up on their way to becoming a Scale-Up. They invested significantly in building the brand. Investors and the C-suite felt “done” with spending resources (meaning time, money, and people). Continuing building the brand ...
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Burning through leads
It's common to have challenges with sales activity levels. For example, the number of outreach touches a sales representative conducts in a week is usually lower than what it has to be to achieve their revenue targets. There is a clear and reciprocal...
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Bought the ticket but don’t know why
A company with 30 employees was running at 200 miles an hour–business was hot. Engagement and spirit were high. Everyone executed their day-to-day work with good results. Things were going well.The company was lucky in not having any bumps along thei...
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ICP soup
A Start-Up had done their homework and outlined their ideal customer profiles (ICPs). As the company grew, several employees saw an opportunity to climb the “market size mountain” to bigger, more tempting accounts (i.e., to the enterprise level).Typi...
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Classic marketing and sales misalignment
A marketing team worked with an external creative agency to develop a new launch campaign around a four-step digitization program. The agency was given carte blanche to design and deliver the campaign. Marketing worked closely with the agency and the...
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Learning from Bloopers

You don't need to repeat mistakes when you can learn from someone else's eXperience.

If you love to share because you care and want to help others by sharing your Blooper or Learning eXperience, please drop us an email along with your permission to share it.

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