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Bought the ticket but don’t know why

A company with 30 employees was running at 200 miles an hour–business was hot. Engagement and spirit were high. Everyone executed their day-to-day work with good results. Things were going well.

The company was lucky in not having any bumps along their growth journey until, one day, things changed. Suddenly, they were facing a headwind.

Team members started asking what they were doing, where they were heading, and why they were working at the company. Team members felt lost.


The importance of having a vision as an aspirational destination for your Start-Up is critical. Without a destination (vision) and core values, your team will get lost along the way and might leave when things get bumpy. (And, as a Start-up, that is a given.)

The mission, meaning how you will get there, combined with your core values, or the way you do business, forms the foundation for your employee eXperience in both head- and tail-wind environments. You can think of these elements in the context of a journey on a train.

Destination - Vision of the ultimate goal.

Ticket - Purpose that invites committed employees to join the journey.

Train - The vehicle with all its components, from offerings to technology stack to pricing, is how you and your team will get to your destination. Ideally, you’re traveling on a high-speed train, with AI-enabled features that will meet the needs of your (employee) passengers before they even get on the train.

Service - Core values determine how the “train staff” is delivering a delightful eXperience both to the (customer) passengers but also their co-workers. How they work together on the train to deliver the best possible eXperience is the larger context which creates your brand eXperience.

*Bloopers might be real or fictional

Image credit: Photo by Daniel Abadia on Unsplash